Thank you, too, for the lovely, day-enhancing class this morning. Despite getting up so early, it's strange and extraordinary how it energizes the body and how much less tired I feel. You are a brilliant teacher, always offering a lateral view and bringing awareness to hidden parts of the body. I'm so pleased you are taking over the Saturday class! - Maat

Rachel's extensive knowledge has been enlightening and her enthusiasm infectious. It's been a joy learning with her. Thank you.-Rosie

Rachel, your classes made me feel like balloons were put in my body afterwards, in a good way, ah I mean space, I mean raspberries, ah... you know what I mean. You gave me a wonderful sense of body awareness!! - Lila

Thank you for a wonderful class this morning! I felt present and peaceful and you reminded me of why I fell in love with yoga in the first place. - Meghann

Your classes are always engaging and fun and I have looked forward to attending each one. Thank you also for inspiring me to become a teacher myself and for introducing me to a more precise and creative style of yoga. - Emma

The further I get into my Yoga Teacher Training, the more I realise what a brilliant teacher Rachel Is. I feel very privileged to have been taught by her. - Steve

Rachel is a lovely spirit who's passionate about movement. I learned something about my body today, something that I can take with me to deepen my yoga practice and movement in general. Thank you! - Anon


There aren't many things sacrosanct in my life but yoga IS !!!! and Rachel has made it so. - Julia

I have been to lots of yoga teachers over the years, but I can honestly say Rachel is one of the best. She is so focused on the needs of every one in the class and never makes you feel inadequate. Each class is different, always fun and provides a balanced practice.  Rachel's classes are about exploring how your own body works and celebrating the gift of movement. Don't miss out if you get the chance - she is a joy to work with. - Jill

I just love my one-to-one yoga sessions with Rachel, they are my treat at the end of the week and launch me into the weekend in a good place, body and mind. She is fantastic at making each session just what I need depending on how I am feeling (even if I don't realise it myself) and I always feel energised and better for the hour we spend. I particularly like the way she focuses on how to get the best from the body and uses her experience from dance as well as yoga. She always makes it a joy, even when she is tough, and I couldn't recommend her highly enough - Peta

I have really enjoyed Rachel's classes and have learnt so much. I've been doing yoga on and off for years and never come across anyone as good as Rachel at explaining postures or insisting on good technique (in a good way!) Thank you. - Jo

Rachel is clear, concise and empathetic. Class, even at that time in the morning, is always an uplifting experience. - Anon

Restorative Yoga on Sunday night with Rachel is amazing! She is not only very kind, but also very knowledgeable. Despite a large group, everybody received good personal attention, and advice was given to those who needed to adjust their posture. Rachel is really calm in her voice and speaking, but her class is really energizing! I really felt balanced and my body felt great when the class was done. This is a returning class for sure. - Anon